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Get to know Denzel Phoenix a bit. This is a wonderful young man who's a student at ARC with whom I will hope to have many more conversations.

Zhanea shares a taste of some experiences she had in a class. My blood pressure goes up whenever I think about it. But this is exactly the kind of thing educators need to hear and ...

I know, I know, I know, the title is super corny, but you listen to it and then try to tell me there's a title that would be more appropriate. 

Professor Laflam and I talk about some of the books that have been important to us as we study equity and racism. And she patiently listens to me babble on about my concerns about ...

Professor Noue Leung shares some thoughts on showing students authentic care, as well as some of the personal experiences which informed her thoughts on the topic.

Tamara and I chat about "armor," the importance of representation in class readings, and in library staffing. 

Alejandra drops science and then drops the mic. Metaphorically. She didn't actually drop the mic. I use lavalier mics that clip onto your lapel, so there would have been an extra s...

Mel, possibly the busiest person I know, and I find some time to chat about the assumptions we can make about students, and about what's keeping him busy these days.

Marianne, the super-librarian I spoke with in episode 1, wants to be Dronme when she grows up. Listen in and find out why :)

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